Kelly’s Cleaners offers a full range of services for your wedding gown.


Before the Wedding

We professionally steam the gown so that it is “aisle” ready. We recommend that you phone ahead and make an appointment. Some brides need their gown custom packed for their destination wedding. 0thers are traveling by vehicle within the province, and still others are having their ceremony at the Benvoulin Heritage Church. Near or far,each scenario requires a different method of packaging.


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Professionall preperation of wedding gowns before a wedding at Kelly's Cleaners in Kelowna BC
"Mothers and Daughters"

Professionally cleaned and preserved wedding dressed by Kelly's Cleaners in Kelowna BC
"Mothers and Daughters"

After the wedding

Many brides are unsure as to “ what to do” with their gown. But the majority will have them boxed after cleaning. Boxing or “ Heirlooming” prevents the gown from yellowing and allows it to breathe while keeping out impurities. Cleaning the gown is the first step in this process. John Kelly has been cleaning wedding gowns for Okanagan brides since 1974. Expert in all types of fabric and trim, he personally handles each and every gown. Loose beading, open seams, broken bustles are noted and will repaired.

Steaming and pressing the gown is the next step in the process. Our wedding dress finishers are excellent at their craft. Their consistent attention to detail is evident in their workmanship. Our goal is to make the gown as bright and white as it was on the day of the wedding.

Finally the gown is inspected by the bride. At this point she will choose one of museum quality archival boxes. They are available in varying sizes and will accommodate the simple elegant sheath or the most complex elaborate ball gown.

The prices vary, depending on the gown itself and the option the bride decides upon. Please phone Colleen or Penny at 250 868 3121 or visit our plant on Cooer Rd. We will happy to discuss your situation or show you our work in progress.

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